OMIGOD, it’s a month till Christmas!

It’s only November and already some places along Orchard Road have skipped Diwali (Deepavali) in favour of Christmas. Yes, the annual Singapore Christmas decorations are up! (Of course this prompted some letters from the public asking why there was no Deepavali decorations and therefore, not a true representation of a multiracial society.

But that aside, it’s amazing how the year has gone by. I’m still reeling from the Raya holidays and find myself being pleasantly surprised by this holiday which marks the end of the year. At the office, everyone, myself included, is busy clearing their leave and planning year-end vacations. The “compulsory” trip back to France is in the works – tickets have been bought already – so it looks like there won’t be any Christmas decorations around.

Somehow over the years, Christmas decorations – the star, tree and baubles – have lost their appeal. It has become utterly commercial and generic. Or maybe it’s just me. I went through my 31st birthday without much ado – no fireworks, no parties, just a quiet dinner with family. Chances are this year, Christmas will be just the same but with a little bit tad more noise coming from my parents-in-law who have not seen Eva since she was a month old and five months old respectively. I look forward to them being able to spend more time with their grandchild and know that it’ll be equally fun for Eva as well.

In the meantime, it looks like I have around one and a half months to go to prepare for Christmas and well, that means stocking up on the shop inventory, clearing up things at work and getting at least a couple of winter wear (inner, that is) for Eva. Ah…this is that time of the year.

(And I look forward to seeing snow again. The blasted heat here is just terrible!)

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