How annoying!

The annoying pencil mishap with the bloody tool in sight

I have been using these template pencils for all my quilting projects and never had any issues washing them out – they are washable, in case you’re wondering – until bloody now. At least five of my handmade toys have template pencil stains which will not go away even after two washes (with detergent), application of stain removers as well as things like lemon juice + baking soda paste. I may have to resort to oxygen bleach in order to get the job done but that means risking a bleached-looking toy (which definitely cannot be added into the shop’s inventory). ARGH! This is just as annoying as having blackheads on nose which won’t go away!!!

This has been bugging me for the last two days; I ended up spending at least one to two hours just trying to remove the stain(s). Right now, I’m sick of sewing and am awfully tempted to break the offending pencil into two. And in case you think I’m joking, look at the picture below and see why I’m not exactly in the best of moods right now. Hmpr.

The annoying pencil mishap

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  1. Hi Mabel,
    I am currently using a range of products from Melaleuca, The Pre-sport or Sol U Mel is good in removing those stubborn stains. I am using Pre-sport to clean the stain on the white collar of the shirt, and Sol U mel can actually clean the blood stain on the carpet and also the permanent ink marker on the plastic surface.
    May be you can give it a try, the price is reasonable tho. It has a store in Singapore Post Eunos, and you may check it our here.
    cheers!! =)

    Mabel Reply:

    Thanks babe! Will check them out coz so far, Napisan didn’t really work that well – only faded it a little. Haiz.

  2. Your are welcome Mabel, if you need help or more info, do not hesitate to contact me. I am just across the causeway, hehe =)

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