Time to babyproof and retrain!

Before people here think that having a child in a home is akin to being in a death trap, it’s not. Babyproofing is one thing, training and disciplining your child is another. I have wires and electrical sockets running around free and Eva knows very well that touching them means Mummy is going to scold her and she doesn’t like being scolded. So she stays away from the “no-no” which are wires, sockets, drawers and cabinets.

But now that she’s walking, stumbling and falling are pretty much out of her control. So we’ve decided to babyproof our coffee table and low furniture by using corner protectors. Babyproofing is not like stocking up on Polaris Accessories for your car but more on the simple matter of moving things that are dangerous (eg, can lead to choking, hurt fingers, etc) up and off the ground by 12 inches or more, stashing away cleaning agents, curving off sharp corners and well, make sure that those little curious fingers don’t get caught in door hinges and etc.

It’s that phase in life that every parent goes through and after a while, it’ll be quickly replaced by another. For now, babyproofing is IN!

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