An interesting start…

…to my birthday, that is.

I was up by 7am already and usually by this time, I would unplug my ipod, pack up Eva’s meals and head off to work on foot with some singer crooning into my ears courtesy of some iPod earphones. But today, I was busy packing Eva’s meals and clearing up the yard to make some room for my dyepots and dyeing. Yes, I’d like to get back to that even though sewing is more comfortable (with TVB dramas – pity I can’t transfer them onto my iPod; it would take too long for the conversion, etc!).

Despite this rather Cinderella-ish start to the day, I’m hoping that it’d only get better. I’ll be out later to run some errands and with any luck, maybe I’ll be able to squeeze in some time in the kitchen (I’m thinking of making a toddler-friendly lasagna). In the meantime, here’s to more iPod time (read: running errands via bus and the MRT)…and yes, a very blessed birthday to me!

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