Our new home – Part II

And here are the “after” pictures!

The living + dining hall together with a view of the master bedroom (taken in front of the entrance to the kitchen)

Living & dining hall

We are actually complete with this area although I just discovered that the spotlight located at the area just outside the entrance to the master bedroom isn’t working so it’s either we fix it up or replace it with some wall or floor lights. The pictures on the walls are part of a series painted by my mother-in-law and naturally photographs we took and one of Eva from the photoshoot. I might get another large plant but will see how it goes. I like this area the way it is now and Eva has a lot of room to walk/play around. She loves to touch and smack the Chinese Evergreen when she’s waddling into our room!

Eva’s bed-playroom

Eva's bedroom & playroom

It is a pity that the construction of this unit is such that this room is the darkest. Even with the curtains drawn, the room is shadowy during the sunniest time of the day. The chest of drawers was purchased from IKEA and doubles as a changing table – we thought it would be a better investment in the long run as she would outgrow the table. The awful alphabet mats came in handy and while she likes taking out the circles in the 6s, she also puts them back.

The kitchen


We still have a little to go in terms of kitchen organization as well as stocking up on the cutleries and kitchen equipment but this will do for now. I don’t plan to do any major renovation to this area even though it’s the oldest part of the house but will focus first on maintaining the counter top as well as cabinets and such. Having said that, I do have plenty of ideas like retiling, changing the countertops…just need some time and proper planning. And of course, money too.

Hm, by the way, any suggestions for good digital cameras? Am thinking of a model to “request” from Nil for a birthday present. 🙂

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