Our new home – Part I

We have moved in for over two months already and are pretty much settled, growing roots and well, enjoying our new place. There are some little added touches in the form of potted plants like the very lovely Grand Duke of Tuscany and single flowered Arabian jasmine topped off with some Chinese Evergreen and Peace Lilies…altogether, it looks lived in and definitely homier than when we first got the place.

Here is a look at the “before” pictures of our first property.

The living + dining hall together with a view of the master bedroom (taken in front of the entrance to the kitchen)

The living & dining hall

The living hall is separated from the dining area by a partition and as such can be converted into a guest room. Because of the length, we have turned the partitioned area into a work-guest room and merged the entertainment area with the dining area. The glass cabinet on the left houses all my yarn and fiber stash (personal & the shop stock) together with my quilting fabric stash.

Furniture is a mix of hard wood from Courts (TV unit, coffee table, dining set and buffet), and “stuff” from IKEA (sofa, Billy bookcase, sofa bed, wall shelves, wall lamps). We have also replaced one of the lights with the ceiling fan and switched to warm yellow wall lights instead. The Chinese Evergreen and Peace Lilies reside in this area.

The master bedroom (not seen here is the attached bathroom)

The master bedroom

I’ve “installed” three pots of Jasmine (the single petal Arabian and the multi-petal Grand Duke of Tuscany) – two on the built-in shelving and one on a garden tray stand that used to function as a bath tub stand for Eva. The result is lovely natural fragrance that permeates the room and even hits the area outside the door (where the photo was taken) when the flowers are in full bloom.

I have also moved my laptop here temporarily to keep me company while I do my sewing for the store here. Yes, it has become my little workshop and the wall shelves in the far right corner come very much in handy in terms of storing store-related fabric, tools and yes, even a sewing machine.

Furniture here is from IKEA (side table, bed and armchair). We have replaced one of the ceiling lights with a ceiling fan by Allied and will use a floor lamp from IKEA instead.

Eva’s bed-playroom

The second room

We had to forego the ceiling light in order to installed another ceiling fan (Allied) so to replace that light, we bought a very cute Tassa Natt lamp from IKEA. Dad affixed it to the wall and I “stuck” the cable to the wall with Blu Tack. The result was a really cosy setting.

We also bought a near ceiling high wardrobe from a local furniture store here as well as a chest of drawers from IKEA which doubles as her changing table. Almost half of the floor is lined with jigsaw puzzle mats and her Parklon playmat goes on top of it.

The kitchen


This is perhaps the oldest part of the home. Nothing here has been changed for the last 15 years and that includes the gas head! We have replaced the 2nd generation hob and hood with a more current 7th generation one.

An IVAR shelf with five levels has been installed in the corner where you see the table and that houses our desktop oven, microwave, pots & pans together with colanders and storage containers.

The fridge is an energy saving fridge from Hitachi and the cabinets under the sink houses our rubbish bin and recycling bin.

The yard

Attached yard next to the kitchen

This is where we store my shop equipment (dye pots, steamer, etc) and “house” the dishwasher (from Bosch) and washing machine (from Hitachi). We had some issues installing the two machines because of a plumbing related construction made by the previous owner which involved a sink and a DIY-style bin which was glued to the floor and drainage hole. Dad hacked and remove the two away and cover the hole with a cover which he later made two holes in for the drainage required by the two machines. The result is maximum utilisation of space.

We store our cleaning equipment here as well as detergent, which is better than housing it in the kitchen – Eva is not allowed in the kitchen without supervision and she doesn’t wander off into the yard, choosing instead of linger around the doorway that separates the kitchen from the halls.

We’ll be putting up some bamboo blinds (up to eye-level) to give the place more privacy as this area faces the main walkway and there are plans to get rid of the heaps of boxes we have left over from the move as well as a chance to reorganize our plastic bag and spare cloth bags (for groceries, etc) storage.

“After” pictures to come awfully soon!

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  1. Ooh, nice pics!

    Looks like a HUGE home to me, is it a landed property?
    More room/ space for a bigger family šŸ˜‰

    Mabel Reply:

    Nah, it’s an apartment but ground floor unit. šŸ™‚ Can’t afford a landed here in SG. Probably cost me an arm, limb and even my innards. šŸ˜”

  2. hi Mabel, For “before” shots, the place is looking awesome! I really like the sliding door which divides the living room. The place looks huge…and for Singapore that is saying a lot. I think both you and Nil have done really well for yourselves…can’t wait for the “After” photos!…by the way CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    Mabel Reply:

    Thanks! It’s a pretty old place hence the space. The newer properties are very much like shoeboxes and more expensive. šŸ™‚

    After pictures need to wait a bit coz need to clear the place. HAHAHA.

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