Back from KL.

Was in the Klang Valley for two weekends in a row and (re)discovered a few things:

…Indian food for dinners and me just do not agree.
…M’sian pharmacies are stocked to the brim with vitamin-c serums and supplements (why don’t people just eat tons of fruit?).
…road signs are confusing and there are plenty of highways for you to get lost in.
…you can get really nice clothes at affordable prices at hypermarkets.
…the ring sling definitely is a must for short-haul flights.
…Eva can’t go anywhere without her Ba Ba (sheep soft toy).
…food is good but don’t ask to look in the kitchens or food prep area. You may not want to eat there again.
…there are plenty of bus stops but not a lot of buses. Hm.
…driving means putting up with the possibility of a getting a heart attack or stroke. M’sian drivers are just impossible!
…it can be hot and wet at the same time. Bah.

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