I’m thoroughly annoyed.

I’ve been spinning up one of the most yummylicious fibers dyed by a favourite fiber artist for the past few days only to screw up big time now that I’m done.

Things were going well as I was winding them onto the Niddy Noddy but after the first 50 meters or so, the singles started to fall apart and no amount of splicing was helping. I could pop it back in for a spin but I don’t know if that would help as it could very well be the entire bobbin of yarn that is affected.

The singles are way underspun – much more than I had anticipated. I was hoping that the tension I spun them in would be enough but it appears not. At first I thought it was a ratio problem since the new sliding flyer has an additional ratio built in but after checking, it turned out to be the same as the original flyer.


I’ve shelved the bobbin and Niddy Noddy aside to take some time out and ruminate on my next course of action. That and the fact that I need to get busy working on reviews for cheap auto insurance quotes. In the meantime, I’ve started on a new spinning WIP but my heart somehow isn’t in it. My mind is still lingering on that bobbin full of awfully underspun singles. Gah. If I can’t salvage this, it would be a darn waste of some really awesomely soft merino-alpaca-silk fiber.


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