New flyer goodness!

Spinning up some Ambrosia on my new flyer!

After what seemed like ages, I finally got my hands on the new sliding hook flyer for my spinning wheel. I bought it from Mandie over at Ewe Give Me The Knits (she’s a certified Ashford dealer) in Australia since there aren’t any dealers here in Singapore.

I was very excited to get it – Nil can tell you just how excited I was – and immediately broke it out of its box and “installed” it onto my wheel. Before you could say “sales jobs“, I was spinning up some very yummy fiber from JulieSpins (courtesy of a destash by one of the Ravelry gals). The pic above doesn’t do the resulting yarn much justice!

This will probably end up as a single ply laceweight yarn – I’m really hoping to go back to knitting and designing some shawls so it’ll serve as my shawl yarn stock. But hey, I can only dream as when it comes to my knitting, things aren’t quite so certain. *sobs*

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