Packing, unpacking…

We have started moving into our new home and unlike the last time, I could help out with the whole process by organizing for a cleaner, a locksmith, cleaner as well as sourcing for electrical items. I managed to take two days off work, making this coming weekend a pretty long one. In a way, it’s good that my parents are coming by because we’ll be painting the hall as well as the master bedroom – nothing fancy, just white.

We are expecting most of our big items to be delivered from the end of this week, so our target is to move in proper by Sunday and spend the following Monday cleaning up the old place. Honestly, I’m looking forward to it. The new place has a lot of potential and space. I intend to buy some indoor plants to function both as decor as well as an air filter – the plants I’ve chosen for this is the Chinese Evergreen, Aloe Vera, Spider Plant as well as Peace Lily and Mother-in-Law’s tongue which I think will go great in the bathroom. I’ve always wanted to have a plant in the bathroom. *grin*

Since we have a little balcony area outside our master bedroom – it’s the ground floor so it’s not really a functional balcony (forget about patio chairs la) – I thought it’d be nice to get some flowering fragrant plants. I have this vision of an armchair next to the window, me all curled up with a book with the breeze and some soft fragrance floating around the balcony. So I went out on a whim and bought myself a lovely pot of Jasmine (Arabian Jasmine to be exact). Am tempted to get some Gardenias as well but we’ll see how it goes as the nurseries are pretty far and I’m car-less.

Then there is the matter of getting curtains. I have tons of ideas in mind and well, it’s all I can think of these days – packing, unpacking, cleaning, moving, curtains, plants, paint.

Ah, the perils of owning your place.


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  1. Good luck! It is quite hard to move somewhere during just one, even if long, weekend. The process of packing up, leaving and unpacking is really annoying but exciting at the same time. You seem to be full of ideas how to make the new place look. I kind of envy that, it is not so easy to transform the house I have lived in for years.

    Mabel Reply:

    Thanks! So far, we’re making good progress. I’m actually more worried about running out of steam! 🙂

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