Jelly Berry

SS Handspun - Jelly Berry

Ply | Two
Yardage | 501.4 m
Fibre | Merino-bamboo
Tool | Serenity Wheel [10:1]

All I’ll say is I hate two-plying! It’s fiddly, it’s annoying and well, I just hate it. Gimme Navajo any day, any time, PLEASE!

When I was spinning this up in singles, they were gorgeous and the colours were perfect; it was from my own handdyed stash. Unfortunately, as I plied it, my admiration and love turned into slow boiling rage and hate. By the time I wanted to stop and change my mind, it was already too late. So here it is, two plied yarn that looks like swirls of berry jelly. O’well…

SS Handspun - Jelly Berry

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