We just got back from Johor Bahru; was there for a rugby tournament where the boys that Nil helps to coach came in 2nd place in their age category. They were disappointed but I thought they did a brilliant job considering that they never made it pass the semis in the last four years.

That aside, it was quite a non-plus trip; nothing exciting happened except for the tiny bit where I made a trip out to Tebrau City to look for some toys. It turned out to be a waste of time as I discovered that even after sales, toys are definitely cheaper in Singapore. Maybe there were other things that were cheaper in JB like disposable diapers and Bluetooth headsets. We walked away with some MammyPoko pull-up pants in Size M (22 pieces) for RM15 but that’s about it.

Then of course Sunday night happened. We were quite disappointed with what happened at our hotel – just goes to show that a couple few extra stars matters little when it comes to the hospitality industry in Malaysia. Or perhaps this is just limited to JB. O’well…

I’m definitely looking forward to finishing up my piggies tonight and working on completing some booties for the give-away – without killing myself in the process. Hah!

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  1. so sorry to hear that mabel!!! We visited Malaysia recently and had to carry some of our “stuff” eferywhere with us cause was concerned about it going “missing”…lugging laptops around in the sweltering heat just put a damper on things and walking from one place to anotehr took twice as long…either way tis no fun…hope the stuff is replaceable…

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