Piggies galore!

Guinea pigs in the making!

Sewing is much more gratifying than knitting – at least that’s the case for someone like me who is struggling with knitting projects more than her sewing and spinning WIPs. I lack stamina when it comes to these things plus it’s always so hot that there never seems to be a good enough reason to knit.

I had initially planned to work on these soft plushies over the weekend but a bout of food poisoning left me too tired out; in fact, I’m still battling the aftermath but it’s getting better despite going on medical leave today.

One thing I discovered about sewing up toys is that it uses up a good amount of leftover fabric that I have in my stash, which is good news for Nil as he often remarks on how my stash of fabric never seems to go down. Oddly enough, he never says anything about how it never goes UP. Gah.

Anyway, after a nice afternoon nap to recover, some Prevera reviews and a trip to the babysitter’s to pick Eva up at the usual time, I spent the night relaxing in front of the sewing machine and churned out two rather cute little piggies in under two hours. Only thing left to go around the eyes, nose and mouth – no buttons here as they are meant for kiddies – plus to cut out more fabric combinations to make more piggies.

Heck, I won’t be surprised if we get a piggie invasion over the next few days! LOL!

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  1. aiyo! very cute. can share, share the pattern with me arh? i wanna sew for my children. πŸ˜‰

    Mabel Reply:

    You can find the pattern here. Have fun! πŸ™‚

  2. Too cute! I’m always amazed at how good you are with your hands. What did you use to stuff the toys.

    On your tummy ache, recently I acquired a bottle of Aussie-made Swedish Bitters. It’s a herbal tincture, quite potent. if you have heard about it, it’s good for general health as well as intestinal health. They sell it here at a store at Bangsar Village (a friend bought for me so I’m not too sure where). Might be able to help you.


    Mabel Reply:

    Thanks dear! I used toy stuffing for the insides Will probably have pics of the finished toys later tonight if I pick up the pace. πŸ™‚

    Oh, thanks for the recommendation on herbal tinctures. πŸ™‚ Will check them out and see if I can get some here.

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