Gyming again!

Yes, that’s right. I’m going back to the gym. You see, I’m quite tired of seeing the blubber staring right back at me in the mirror every day. So I signed up for a year’s membership.

Now a lot of people will scoff and say that there is no reason to sign up with a gym because you just need to jog around the park, there is something they need to understand – I just do not have the time to go around the park since I reach home at 7pm (earliest!) every night and Eva needs to be in bed by 830pm. Leaving her alone just to go up and down the 10 flights of stairs is not a solution – in fact, it’s downright dangerous!

I have no maid, no helper, no parents and no in-laws so I tackle everything together with Nil – cooking, laundry, cleaning. It is tiring, especially after a long day at work, and I especially hate it when people tell me that I should do more. Please, I am no superwoman.

Anyway, the gym is just around the corner from the office so it allows me to squeeze in some exercise during lunch. I could go before work starts but that means leaving the house at 630am – not an option considering that I sleep around midnight every day because of the stuff I have to do after reaching home. Lunch time it is then. While I was there, I am gently reminded of how I miss going to the gym and just doing my own thing, sweating it out. I could put work behind and just relax – no one to bother me (I did insist on not having a personal trainer even though they offered a free session – after the last time, I learnt my lesson well).

I’m hoping that with time and continued discipline on my part, I’ll be able to say goodbye to some blubber (I know I’m never going to be stick thin – I’ve always been curvy – but at least I’ll be healthier) without the aid of supplements, even if it’s the best fat burning supplement around!

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