Sauce-less pizzas!

Zucchini-bacon-cream pizza

Apologies first of all for the lack of colour or more appealing shots of the pizzas – I had to work with a mobile phone as a camera and two hungry people (myself not included) not to mention clearing up junk like leaflets on steel buildings (WTH).

Most people I know are familiar with pizzas that have a tomato-based sauce with the typical toppings like olives, chicken, ham, salami, green pepper and god forbid, pineapples, together with tonnes of mozzarella cheese. There are a few out there who are familiar with a three- or four-cheeses pizza, often made up of raclette, mozzarella, and other strong cheeses.

When I first made pizzas without tomato sauce, people were quite surprised but in fact, tomato-less pizzas do exist – they are known as white pizzas and feature either a cream sauce or pesto. The toppings can be anything and everything really, sans the sweet stuff. I have came across artichokes, egg, zucchini, salmon slices, rocket leaves and other salad greens on top of pizzas. You could say that the sky is the limit.

For this pizza, because I am no longer a SAHM, I had to figure out a way to proof the dough and since my bread machine didn’t really have a timer, I ended up proofing the pizza dough for at least 12 hours! I was a little worried about the outcome but was pleasantly surprised to return home to a very nicely proofed dough that was packed with awesome yeasty flavour. It was also much easier to work with compared to previous attempts at making pizza dough due to the development of gluten. So yes, in future, proof dough longer!

Anyway, this was Eva’s first introduction to pizza and even though the thin crust base was a little too hard for her to nibble on (her third and fourth teeth may have cut but they are not finishing coming out), she enjoyed the cheesy soft zucchini slices with bits of bacon. It turned out to be a really tasty surprise and there weren’t any leftovers, not even from our little foodie!

Sooooo…it looks like pizza will definitely be on the toddler’s food menu in the future. And I’m sure more than one person is going to be happy about it. Hah!

Tomato-bacon-capsicum pizza

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