Nearing that one year mark!

"That was yummeh!"

Did you know that we’re this close to Eva’s first birthday????


Amidst all the assignments (eczema treatment and fat burners are pretty popular topics for my blog – do you know why?), work and trying to relax, I suddenly realized that we are two months away from someone turning the big one year old! While many mums have started planning big bashes and such, this mum is sort of taking it easy by keeping things a little quiet and well, slow-going.

Of course there’ll be a cake but I haven’t really given it much thought and while my parents have planned to be around during the weekend of her birthday, I guess it’ll just be us and a cake. Talk about ultra small and low-key.

Will this set the tone for many other birthdays to come? We’ll see but for now, I think small and low-key is just fine.

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