At 730am…

…on a Saturday, I was awake already. Why, you may ask. No, I’m not up on the Internet looking to find best acne medicines or anything “light”. It’s because the little resident drama princess was awake and babbling. No wet diapers, no poo or anything similar. She just babbles non-stop. I guess she just had enough of snooze.

Not me.

After a week of getting up at 630am and sleeping at close to midnight, I seriously need the sleep. O’well, since she’s awake, I guess I might as well stay awake. So I did a quick mop of the place, a simple clean-up, prepared my own breakfast before taking her out off the crib to just hang out on the floor with me.

The week has been quite warm and today is of no exception. Maybe it’s the weather or just her teething mood, but our little miss is still babbly hours later and dying for some hugs, playtime and so forth. So it looks to be an Eva-filled day for me. So much for sleeping in as many singletons (married or otherwise) would claim that I have. Pfft.

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