All pooped out.

Can you believe it? My first day at work and I’m sensing the beginnings of a flu bug! Talk about starting off with a bang!

Anyway, I’m all pooped out from work, the 30-minute walk after picking Eva up from the babysitter followed by the usual – a bath, feed & bath Eva, cook dinner (well, sort of), and do the diaper laundry before having dinner. After a simple salad and a couple of minutes in front of the TV, here I am in front of the laptop looking at umbrella – my trusty handbag-sized one broke a couple of weeks back so am on the lookout for a replacement.

Of course, my eyes keep closing for a few extra seconds only to open again – yes, I’m falling asleep even while typing this. Normally, I’m not this tired but Eva kept us up last night due to a crying-teething-constant waking up spell. She ended up snoozing in our bed with us after a dose of paracetemol and with the air-conditioning turned on. Of course she slept mostly on my side of the bed…

Hence my zombie-like state now.

Anyway, more on the office and first day at work another time. Am going for a snooze before my next “milk bar” time. Ta!

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