9 months old!

"Bang bang blocks! Who cares if I'm such a boy. Blocks are funnnn."

A little birdie today told me that someone is already 9 months old!


She spent the same amount of time in my womb, swimming, kicking, gurgling and just being her little self and upon her delivery, has changed a lot before my eyes. From a sleepy and half-babbling baby to a now active, mobile, playful yet cheerful little one…Eva certainly has changed A LOT.

Well, almost everything about her has changed except for that crop of hair. It’s still as fine and “minimal” as always, which makes her look boyish…until she smiles at least. Few people get it right the first time and almost everyone gleefully announce to me that she must be a boy. Of course it doesn’t help that I dress her up in blue sometimes. But hey, what can I say? She looks good in blue! LOL!

Anyway, for a look at some of the moments captured on video, click herehttp://www.youtube.com/eleraine! Coming soon – more updates, reviews and stories on the baby blog!

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