It’s official.

After months of sending out resumes, job-hunting and what-not…or to be exact, months of soul-searching and deciding if I want to go back to work, it’s now official.

I’m part of the foreign workforce here in Singapore.

On Monday, I went to the Workpass Division of the Ministry of Manpower here at Riverwalk to exchange my Dependent Pass (DP) for a spanking new Employment Pass (EP). The only difference between the two is that my EP has more information – my employer, position – and a new expiry date. Of course the major difference is that I’ll be back on the 9-5 wagon (in my case, it’s 8:30am to 5:30pm) in less than two weeks, earning a comfortable (not exactly cushy but it caters to what I need to maintain a family-work-life balance) and well, just being surrounded by adults and not just a little baby. Not that I would mind.

Still, at least now we’ll be able to afford a place of our own and while, we won’t have to fight over money as compared to before. Crappiest thing now is that only NOW I’m getting my dyeing mojo back and am awfully tempted to stock up the store with handdyed fibers and yarns again. GAHHHHH!

Just goes to show that you can’t have it all! :p

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