What to do.

Throughout my journey as a new mum, particularly with breastfeeding, I’ve never been so sure about what I wanted for Eva…until today.

With this current menses, I have been much more tired out than usual – I nearly fell asleep twice and did fall asleep once in the span of three hours! – with all the house-hunting, running errands, coming back home with Eva from the sitter’s every day (it’s a 20 minute walk from the MRT back home and often leaves me sweating like buckets) and working on assignments that range from insurance reviews to “sell textbooks” ideas. All this coupled with the fact that I only go to bed around midnight every day and then wake up at 530am every morning just to pump out milk OR feed her. Of course I could feed her later but that means working out a new schedule, testing it and making sure that I have eight ounces of milk for the sitter while not killing myself on the pump with stress. Then yesterday, she bite me – not on purpose but rather accidentally as she half-asleep and searching/rooting around for the boob.

Lets just say that I’m sorely tempted to stop. The only thing that’s stopping me is just time…I just want to wait till she’s old enough to go on cow’s milk, but I don’t know if I can make it till then. 🙁

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  1. wow you have so much on your plate these days!! i would be exhausted too! don’t feel guilty if you choose to wean – must take care of mama too! eva will be fine either way. hang in there!!

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