Spinning nightmares!

Grape Galore waiting to be plied up!

A couple of days ago, I finished spinning up some very yummy superwash merino and tencel mix. I was aware that it was ultra smooth when I first started working on this batch of fibre but the colours were just to irresistible for me to stop. And this also flowed onto the plying process.

That was when all my nightmares started. The beginning few meters were fine and then the single ply broke. Okay, never mind. That happens if the single was spun too thinly and tightly. But as I continued on plying after joining the broken single, another break happens and another and another. In total, the single broke over 10 times in a period of half an hour. I was getting frustrated by my fifth break and the resulting plied yarn wasn’t looking at that great (cheap insurance or not wasn’t going to help it either!). It was getting late as well and I was close to my milk feed/pump time. I don’t need the stress!!!!

So I did the unthinkable. I stopped, wound up the single, set it aside and proceeded to “ripping” out the plied yarn from the flyer. I ended up with large blob of mess sitting in the bin – a good 40 gms or so of yarn. *sobbles* What a waste of perfectly wonderful dyed fibre!

Now I have to think about what to do with the resulting 60gms of singles which I have already plied into yarn successfully! Gah!

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