What a big girl now!

Wondering why Mummy is snapping a pic instead of feeding her yummy food!

My how she has grown!

She’s starting to take lumpier foods and today’s dinner is a perfect example – brown rice pasta with carrot-potato puree & grated cheese. On top of that, she’s also more vocal and shows a lot of preference in terms of who should carry her, what she would like to do and so forth. Instead of just crying and such, she knows how to gestures for things, even nursing! And she’s starting to crawl for real too (I may just need a playyard and some mbt shoes soon)!!!

While part of me is glad that she’s growing well and happy despite all the crazy changes of lately, I wish she would stay young forever…

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  1. She has really beautiful big eyes! I’m a mixed marriage couple like you, and have a 10-month old boy. He looks really similar to your little girl…his earlier eye color, hair color, and skin tone…more reasons of me enjoying your blogs 🙂

    Mabel Reply:

    Thanks dear! Your boy looks awfully cute and yeah, very similar although I must lament, my girl looks nothing like me. :X

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