I made yarn (again)!

Setting on the Niddy Noddy!

It’s nice to get back my spinning mojo after months of the wheel lying dormant. I even managed to get it plied while Eva sat in her Bumbo seat snacking away on a teething rusk. Of course occasionally, she would pause, stare and wonder what it is exactly that I’m doing but most of the time, she’s just contented to gum/gnaw away on the rusk while shaking a leg (or two) in the Bumbo.

Anyway, back to the spinning. I must say…picking up this project brings back memories of how I used to spin when I was pregnant. It was relaxing and well, I got my legs the much needed exercise too! I was amaze then at how people traditionally made yarn and the work that went into making sweaters and other fibre-related dress items and I’m still amazed.

Now here in Singapore, it’s not a very common hobby and during the day, the apartment door is open (but gated) so neighbours who walk pass can actually glimpse into the house if they wish. Needless to say, the sight of a woman in front of a wheel churning out lord-knows-what is intriguing and I had a couple of stares. Still, it’s all harmless curiosity.

This skein of yarn is much less than what I could normally churn out – I don’t really know what is the weight as I’m handblending from two separate batch of fibres as I go along but I reckon it’s about 100 gms or so. I’ll have to wash and set it first before I actually weigh it so more on the yarn itself in another entry. In the meantime, I’m off to pick up on an old spinning project and work on a couple of spa cover assignments (did I mention that it’s been ages since I’ve been to a spa? More on that another time). 🙂

A close-up shot of the freshly plied and skeined yarn!

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