Spinning again! w00t!

Spinning up my own blend.

Yes, I broke out my spinning wheel and decided to put an end to my spinning hiatus! So far, it’s been great for my legs – the workout is just fab (move aside, joint health supplements coz old-fashioned exercise at the wheel is all I need!). Now, I didn’t quite start this recently; it was something that had been sitting on my wheel for a while and I decided I had enough of just looking at it but not doing anything about it!

It’s a unique project in the sense that it’s hand-blended – I merge two separate fibres as I’m spinning them – and I’m also working with one white and one coloured fibre. I’m hoping to get a heathered yarn when I’m done plying it as from experience, candy cane coloured singles when plied lend a heathered look to the yarn. With any luck, I should be done with this in a few days, the latest a couple of weeks, depending on my schedule. After that, I’ll probably put it up on the Etsy store or hang on to it as a gift or an addition to my stash.

What are the two fibres, you may ask. Well, one is pure alpaca and handdyed by moi, the other is undyed superwash merino. I’m liking the texture so far and am quite excited to see how this all turns out! šŸ™‚

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