We need more rain.

One of the things I’ve always hated about living in Asia is the constant heat and humidity.

For the past one week, the temperature has been hitting 35°C and where I am, there is no sign of rain at all. The grass outside is of a brown to dark brown colour, looks awfully parched and well, the trees are no better. Some look just dead! We did get a itty bitty tiny shower on one day last week but that was like misting, hardly cooling – in fact, it had the opposite effect because as water droplets land on the hot ground, they turn into steam instantly creating a sauna-like effect! ARGH!

So to avoid the heat, we have been heading out in the mornings via public transportation – yay for airconditioned Singaporean buses! – and Eva would doze off in whatever I’m babywearing her with that day, and in the afternoons, we are holed up in her room where I have the aircon blowing a gentle breeze of 28°C and the fan circulating the cool air at the lowest speed. She takes her afternoon naps then – the longest (about two to three hours depending on the morning) – and later, has her playtime in there as well. We emerged every day like a bunch of heat-vampires at around 5-5:30pm where I’ll prepare dinner as she snacks on a rice cake in her highchair and later, we head out again. The park nearby gives us a good evening breeze so the walk then is excellent for the both of us.

The heat is still on at nights and only really cools down nearly midnight. Sometimes, I’m thankful for our fans (only Eva gets air-conditioning and even then, it’s only for the afternoon) although it still doesn’t stop me from looking at Minka Aire fans – why the heck did my landlord NOT install a ceiling fan? Definitely a must-note-item on the list should we have to find a new place.

But really, we NEED more rain!!!

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  1. Kuala Lumpur is even warmer than Singapore, due to the lack of greenery (especially shady trees)! Luckily, there has been a few stormy rainfalls occasionally. The downside is that the satellite TV and Internet connection may go down during ‘storms’ and blackouts are frequent too.

    Mabel Reply:

    Yeah…I know what you mean. Back at my parents’ place in KL, it was quite warm – didn’t help that people chop off trees and plant bushes instead. :/

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