So boy-like!

So boy-like!

“Is your baby a boy?”
“Ohno, it’s a girl.”
(short pause)
“Ohhhhhh…so pretty!”

The above conversation often takes place when people catch a glimpse of Eva, be it at the bus station, on the bus or MRT. Most of the time, they get her sex wrong – especially a few weeks back when her hair was much shorter; well, it’s still short compared to before I shaved her!

I love how perplexed or confused some people get when they see Eva, especially when she’s decked out in a blue mesh top and diapers that are in blue. It allows me to challenge the status quo for a few seconds. After all, do baby boys have to dress only in blue and baby girls in pink? Nah, I believe that Eva looks just fab in blue – handsome would be the work – and a boy would too (look fab) in pink.

Then there is this other conversation that always occurs.

“How old ar? Three months?
“Ohno, nearly seven months already!”
“HAR? So small…but hai, girl never mind la. More girly!”


I have a funny feeling that if Eva was bigger, they would comment on it as well. Sometimes I get the feeling that a good mother would pump their babies full with weight gain supplements or more milk in order to get them to be ultra big and chubbs. Me? Nah, I’m just your regular mum who is relying on her breastmilk to do the “dirty” job.

Just goes to show that you can’t please everyone! And for good reason too!


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  1. haha. people have no clue. a month ago someone came up to me and commented how cute my newborn baby girl was. i said, “yes, he’s cute, and he’s 5 months old”. (and in the 75th percentile). there is NO WAY i would have birthed a 15 lb baby!!!

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