Every day dishes…

I’ve been toying around with adding a new foodie category but wonder if it’s a good idea since I’m not really a food blogger per se – not to mention sometimes it gets too dark in the evenings to get a good shot of the dish without resorting to heavy edits. Then there is the matter of how we are all so hungry that by the time we do have the time to take a pic, all the food is already gone.

Anyway, every day dishes are simple fares that are both healthy and easy on the wallet not to mention quick to cook up – all of which are important if you’re busy with work or juggling a ton of assignments like checking out hgh supplements as well as a baby on the side. The dishes I’ve previously cooked up are more suited for the weekend or on days where you have plenty of time to spare but a downside with every day dishes is that they can be repetative. It just means I have to be more creative, that’s all.

Hm, so for posterity’s sake, I guess I’ll just go ahead and create the category. Makes for easier organization too, no?

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