Time to trash those weight loss products aside (was never on them actually) and replace them with good exercise habits!

Can you believe it? Despite BFing around the clock and dropping one pant size, a break from my yoga classes plus all those CNY goodies have resulted in a slight peak on the weighing scale! How utterly annoying! Just when I thought I was going to dip below 60 kg! And it’s not just me but it’s also affecting Nil as well. We definitely need to pump up on our exercise regime.

Am thinking of swapping my evening walks for a jog-brisk walk session instead since Eva likes speed. I swear, sometimes I suspect she’s going to grow up into a biker chick! Will start later this evening if it doesn’t rain and proceed onto yoga later in the evening when she’s asleep. I know that sun salutation would be just great and it’s about time I brought home my yoga classes.


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  1. CNY goodies are really bad for the healthy-eating resolutions aren’t they? lol we’d better kick-start our fitness routine after reading about yours! xo

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