Lemon shortbread cookies

Weekends are great for me because Nil is always around to help watch over Eva whenever I need to cook big dishes that either require prep time or cook time. Sure, I can plop her into her booster chair and let her amuse herself but sometimes she just isn’t all that patient. Nil likes to place her in her Bumbo and give her the sippy cup to play with while he hangs out the laundry but that’s the laundry. It’s different. HAHAHAHA.

Anyway, this was my first attempt at cookie-making since I left Switzerland and I’m glad to report that despite missing my baking mat (non-slip and great for rolling out dough and all) and mixing up all the steps (I made the pastry as if I were making a tart shell – crumbing instead of creaming), everything went as went as can be. Just goes to show that baking and cooking skills do get rusty over time if you don’t use them often.

In terms of ingredients and such, I had to make adjustments to it from my previous recipe which incorporate strawberries (I really ought to keep a record of my recipes somewhere like in PDAs or a diary instead of dumping them online coz if I lose them, I’ll lose everything!). I also experimented with using different flours instead of my regular plain white flour. The resulting dough was later refrigerated to harden it a little and then cut out into cute shapes instead of the regular heart/star shape that I used to do with my “moulded” cookies. Really cute and tiny, I’d think.

These were initially intended for Chinese New Year but I manage to churn out only a smallish bottle full of them – about 50 pieces or so – as I like them a little on the thick side. So we decided that it would be for Nil’s breakfast as he likes sweet things for breakfast as with all French – cookies, jam, butter, bread, etc. The overall result in terms of taste and texture was nice – tender yet crumbly with that lemony tangy. Awesome on its own or just with some tea!

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