Still alive.

…and so is Eva.

We’re both coping just fine although she likes to torture me by not pooping every day. =.=

It’s nice to be able to let go some steam, rant about my life and well, just share what it’s like being a SAHM – it’s not all tai-tai (rich diva-like women) for me. In fact, I’m a far cry from the tai-tai that some women aspire to be when they get married. Facials and shopping are luxuries for me now unlike before when I was working and had the cash to spare. No matter; I prefer to spend the money on Eva. It’s nice shopping for groceries and planning on what to cook/bake even though I can run out of ideas and be all lazy sometimes! I’m planning to bake up a pizza but really, I had no idea that mozzarella was so so pricey here! *grrr* I miss Europe!

I have said and shared many times before about how people view SAHMs here in Asia – many are quite flippant when I share my grouses with them. Partly, I suspect, because they think Nil is on an expat contract. In fact, he isn’t and that shocks many people even his friends. We both don’t need to be reminded about how sucky that (not being on an expat contract) is. Heh. Yet here we are – him working and me staying at home. Ends are still being met regularly and despite our lack of luxuries (includes going for movies and dining out), we’re eating as well as you can eat and living as well as we can. You make adjustments and look for “cheaper” alternatives when you’re on a budget. More often than not, activities that are cheap are also healthier and great for bonding (read: walk in the park).

Y’know, it’s not about getting a listening ear most of the time but more about re-educating people about why some decisions are made in a certain way. I still get a number of people telling me that I should go back to work, I have friends who are torn between old-fashioned financial independence and being there for their new family members…it’s a hard decision to make, easier for some but harder still for others.

Anyway, previous post aside, things got better now that my flu is almost gone. I swear, I’m more patient when I’m not sick, but that’s just logical, no? I’m busy preparing for Chinese New Year – well, sort of. I managed to bake some cookies during the weekend and it was nice to know that I still have my baking touch. *vain* My sewing machine died though; it’s in the repair shop and will only be ready after a week so no sewing for me till after Chinese New Year. A pity as I was looking forward to finishing up a mei tai just for the celebrations.

Eva is beginning to adjust again as well – I reckon it’s either she’s getting used to the pain or I’m getting used to her being demanding! 🙂 Whatever it may be, the fact that my flu is nearly gone helped with everything. I also got a pleasant surprise in the form of some sales over at my Etsy store and a few orders that I’ve received last week.

So yes, I’m still alive and very busy with my life. Good no?

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