…was really one of those crappy, “I really hate my life” days.

I’m currently trying to get better from a stupid flu/cold I caught from dirty people here, but because I’m only sleeping around 5 hours a day (no naps) and juggling not only the housechores (cooking, laundry, picking up after messes, washing the toilet, mopping the floor, general cleaning), the grocery shopping AND my shop, I have to contend as well with a pre-teething baby – which means that she is awfully babbling, whiny and cranky to boot. I don’t even have the time to look into franchise opportunities for the shop or some products that I was thinking of bringing in! Gah!

Just to give you an idea of what my day has been like…

I’m up at 7am and busy keeping the laundry, boiling the water, moping the floor, clearing the kitchen and some of the stuff in the sink.

I go online to check my mails and do the usual and she starts babbling on the top of her voice, asking to be out. This is at 9am.

After a feed, I try to get her to play on her own. No way in hell. She babbles, whines and cries – carrying her is the only way to shut her up. So we left for some window shopping at 10am. She falls asleep on the bus but wakes up halfway, sometime around 1130am.

I decide to make the trip back and we arrive home at around 1230 noon after doing some shopping for lunch and dinner. After her lunch, a bath and a change, she is napping at 130pm in her room. I have my lunch and then set about preparing for tonight’s dinner. By the time I’m done, it’s 2pm. I work on an order, hoping to get a snooze around 230pm but by the time I want to get to it, she’s already up.

It’s 3pm and after some playing, it’s time for the next feed at nearly 4pm. After that, she just babbles and whines non-stop. The swing doesn’t help. Playing only works for a few minutes. I tell her to go sleep and what-not, and she bursts out into tears. So off we went into the crib and I turn on the aircon. Doesn’t really work…she’s still babbling and whining.

It’s 5:30pm and I decided that I just had about enough, so off we went again for some window shopping. She nearly falls asleep on the bus but didn’t. I met up with Nil at around 7pm at the shopping mall and we arrived home at around 8pm. After her dinner, and a quick wipe down, she’s in her crib and snoozing away.

Me? I’m still up and having to work on dinner and then an order plus this entry. I won’t go to bed until it’s nearly midnight.

So really, whoever thought that I live an easy, carefree life should switch shoes with me. And honestly, I do NOT appreciate remarks like how I should do more to keep my house clean so that my hubby comes home to a clean and comfy home. If he wants that, he should get a maid. I’m already doing more than my fair share.

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  1. can you pls give the person you said ‘how I should do more to keep my house clean so that my hubby comes home to a clean and comfy home’, a kick in the arse for me? and then ask them which era are they living in…coz it definitely aint the 21st century!

    that said, i think u’re doing an excellent job. i cant imagine running a shop n looking after a little one. having a TIDY home is good enough for me, it being clean is a super bonus!

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