Six months old today!

Getting all distracted from properly lifting herself by the wind chime.

Someone turns six month old today and how did we celebrate (well, we are sort of still celebrating!)?

She loves going out for walks, bus rides and such so we headed off in search of some keropok lekor and playmats in the township nearby. No luck finding either one, but Eva did get all pretty excited from the bus rides and staring at people.

Then we came back in time for lunch and today’s new food is broccoli so it was some barley mixed in with broccoli and plum purée for her, and nasi padang for me. As disgusting as the mixture sounds, she enjoyed it and finished the whole bowl. It was then bath time and a nice finish to the morning/afternoon came in the form of her usual afternoon nap.

After a look at some tretinoin gel reviews and a short nap for myself, I woke up to find her in the above position about two and a half hours later. She was busy staring at the wind chime hanging from her room window. How time flies…

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