A simple fare…

Simple & Easy Beehoon

…is always good when you’ve had a long day of having to juggle a sticky baby, cleaning, and ideas (not to mention orders) for the shop. It is at times like this that I love the fact that I can walk to the fridge, dig out a bunch of things and cook up some simple yet yummylicious food that Nil and I can enjoy.

Of course, I wish I was as adventurous as I was back in Switzerland; perhaps when Eva is older, I’ll be able to get back a good portion of my cooking mojo. Right now, I’m facing a sewing slump and have been trying awfully hard to get back into it – I really need a kick!

But otherwise, here is to a good day (relatively – Eva was going out of her usual routine a bit but what’s new these days; and I’m getting awfully weird assignments regarding treatment of eczema) and hopefully, a good week!

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