Ideas, ideas, ideas.

I swear, amidst worries about Eva’s pooping habits, her being more sticky and not wanting to nap like she used to (well, she’s older and prefers to stay awake longer so nothing much I can do there), I still have the time and inclination to scout around for new patterns for the store – it would appear that the new booties are awfully popular here so have decided to add in some variation in terms of designs.

Trouble with the new patterns is that I need to source around for new yarns – still am on that 100% cotton though; none of that cheap, horrible acrylic! – and that requires some time and well, window shopping. I’ll probably end up in Chinatown tomorrow to check out a yarn store there and if I have the time, I might pop by Spotlight. In the worse case scenario, I’ll continue to use my current supplier but use a different colour chart for the new designs.

In the meantime, I’ve realized that I’m starting to experience mild (is there such a thing?) adult acne, especially around the jawline. It’s not a lot but it’s still enough to be annoying. Hai.

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  1. Im someone who doesn’t quite bother much about the state of my skin, so I do get acne problems too. I get those around the jawline, I guess, cos I do not always pay as much attention to the neck and jawline areas, as much as the facial zones.

    btw, Ive been pretty encouraged from reading your blog(after following the link in your signature at, though I’ve not read through many of your earlier entries. Really amazed at how you manage to sustain working with your needles, in between taking care of your little one and keeping the house in order!

    I’ve been lazing around doing nothing pretty much for the past 6 months since I’ve voluntarily stopped work, and now Im still bracing up to the prospect of being a full time mummy to my 18 day old baby girl….

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