Rendang (ready-to-use sauce style)

Rendang with kerisik

I love rendang and so does Nil. Yet with a baby around, it can be hard to cook very yummylicious rendang from scratch, so we have had to resort to eating buying ready made rendang in our nasi padang (I need to find good nasi lemak here!) OR cheat by using ready-to-use sauces. Even then, the sauces can be difficult to find. Malay styled rendang sauce are not very common here; chicken curry is more popular and so is the Indian-style meat curry.

When I came across this brand at one of the local hypermart-chain-type stores, I jumped on it immediately. For starters, it didn’t require any additional ingredients like coconut milk or onions and so forth – just meat AND you can substitute beef for other cuts of meat, even chicken! The instructions were fairly simply to understand so hey, why not?

Turned out to be a pretty decent rendang sauce – I didn’t even need to add salt or pepper! The meat wasn’t exactly super tender as I only cooked/stewed it for 30 minutes and I used a different cut – lean beef which is more suited for stir fries. But still, it was good! For a twist, I made it drier than usual and added in some kerisik (dry fried dessicated coconut). The verdict? Very yummylicious beef rendang with a nice hint of spiciness (not too much until it gives you a detox – I know of some people who swear that chilli is a natural fat burner).

Rendang sauce (ready to use)

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