My new toy!

Our new Tefal Activys oven in SG.

Growing up in KL, I have never thought of being without an oven. My mum has a stovetop-oven that she took with her everywhere we moved to and I grew up watching her bake Chinese New Year cookies in them. When I went to Australia, the homes came with ovens and a stovetop. In Switzerland, it was the same and similarly in France.

So when we first moved to Singapore, that was one of my requirements – an oven. Here, most people don’t really own ovens and even if they do, they are tabletop ovens or toaster ovens – something I find to be oddly bizarre. Then again it has a lot to do with Asian cuisine – most dishes are stirfried, steamed, stewed or deep fried.

Anyway, the owner’s oven wasn’t working and after checking with my dad who was an electrician before he retired, we decided that it just wasn’t worth it to get it repaired – for one thing, it wasn’t ours and it was already broken when we moved in. For many months, we looked around for good bargains and I for one found it quite hard to adjust to being downgraded from a “proper” oven to a tabletop one. Still, as time went by and I began to really itch for an oven – this being the festive season for Chinese and I got really tempted to make some pineapple tarts, I decided that I could live with it – better than nothing.

We found a really good bargain at Carrefour – well, we saw the same bargain months back but decided that we could then live without an oven – and went ahead with the purchase. The price included free delivery so we didn’t have to cart it back with our groceries, and Eva – massive workout; no need for fitness equipment! It arrived yesterday in lovely condition and I never felt so excited about getting a kitchen gadget! Nil tried it out yesterday with a regular 9-inch pizza and the blur man forgot to set the temperature, leaving it at 280°C!!!! The pizza turned out “too” cooked on the top and barely on the bottom – yes, he forgot to move the tray to the right height as well. I suspect I’ll need to get some more appropriate baking pans but I’ll get them when or if I need them. In the meantime, I’ll just make do with the baking utensils the owner already has here in the apartment.

Anyway, tonight will be its first proper debut and my foray back into baking again! I’ll be making a fusion baked fish dish and hopefully it’ll turn out nicely. Wish me luck! 🙂

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