Down with the buggies.

"Finally, some living colour!"

This weekend has been somewhat dreary with the appearance of the dreaded flu buggies! Try crocheting order after order and attempting to sew a straight line with a mild headache, low-grade fever, stuffed nose & ears while trying awfully hard not to sneeze the house down and pass your buggies to a little one. Plus it’s been oh-so-long since I last came down with a bug; I have somewhat forgotten what it felt like to have a stuffy nose and ears. =.=

On top of that, I’m not taking any medication for these since I’m still breastfeeding and have opted for the old-fashioned treatment involving huge doses of water and plenty of fruits namely mangosteen, my new favourite fruit; guava, watermelon and mandarins.

Add that with the heat and lack of rain for four days in a row and well, I’m really dying here! Bleck.

The only saving grace came in the form of some lovely sunnies (and a bonnet) on Eva! Utterly cute and very funny (at least that’s how I saw her – I couldn’t stop laughing from the time we left the apartment till we reached the store nearby!). 😀

What a weekend really…

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