Tummy transplant needed.

I’m not kidding.

It’s either I drown myself in probiotics OR I get a darn new tummy. =.=

Now, having tummy issues is already a pain when you don’t have a baby to take care or breastfeeding BUT getting one while breastfeeding, especially night feeds? ARGH!

It definitely puts a damper to all my plans, especially those that involve the store – no sewing for today and definitely no planning for new products and patterns either! What a bummer considering that I was hoping to make it in time for the crazy Christmas gifting period.

Speaking of which, any ideas what gifts should I get for my in-laws? Tried checking out “gifts for her” at a number of places but I’m stumped for ideas. Hm. Maybe I should stick to Body Shop butters and the like…but I dunno, it gets boring gifting the same thing year in and year out. =.=

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