December already?

"It'd be nice if you not point that at me while I play, y'know."

Honest to gosh, where did all that time went to?

Sometimes I swear the perils of being a SAHM is that you lose track of time oh-so-quickly – at least that’s so in my case as each day passes me in similar fashion, and I’m left wondering where it all went to at the end of the month/year and what did I do along the way.

Steel fixings, metal buildings, pimple medication and many thoughts on strange things later, I’m still wondering although I have a fairly good idea where a good portion of the year went to – baking the bun which resulted in Ms Cutey-Chubbylicious-Honey in the pic you see above.

Still…I can’t believe that it’s already December; Christmas is looming ahead…and next is New Year. OMIGOD, before I know it, Chinese New Year will be around the corner!


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