Yoga yoga yoga…

I went for my first yoga class in…like, three years, I think and I am glad I signed up for the course. My muscles aren’t really want they used to be, but thank goodness I’m still flexible enough to touch my toes and press my palms against the floor. If not, I would have given myself a kick for being ultra out of shape.

After the class, I took a short walk home albeit some sore muscles, a sign that I’ve done enough for the day. A shower later plus a smallish bowl of passionfruit low fat yoghurt later, I sigh with pleasure, happy that my super Cyber Monday closed off just nicely (I had spent the day pampering Eva and working on a shoe pattern – didn’t quite liked how it turned out so it’ll be for Eva instead. LOL!).

Now I’m really tempted to sign up for another yoga course – once a week just doesn’t feel enough. Hahaha.

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