I miss “tranquilité”.

Every night, I go to sleep (around midnight coz of a late feed) with all sorts of noises blaring right outside my window – from buses, to bikes to sports car engines going full throttle at 20 km/h (don’t ask). Now I live on the 10th floor and if my father-in-law over the phone in France can hear the vehicle’s engine/exhaust ramming up at its peak very clearly over the phone, that should tell you what I have to go through virtually every day from sundown to sun up.

I know who the culprits are after painless night stalking and running to the window to see where the source of the noise is coming from. I am more forgiving of some models of motorbikes but cars which huge exhaust pipes and engines that make more noise than speed for the sake of “show and tell”? Nah, I have more evil thoughts than forgiving ones of these buggers.


Because every time they pass my apartment, they’ll always stir poor Eva from her sleep causing her to wake up and turn around to find a comfy position to go to sleep again. Mind you, this is even with the window firmly closed.

My neighbour who has triplets is another one. Her children are always shouting, screaming and stomping their way in front of my unit. In the beginning, they would always wake Eva up despite having the door and windows closed, and the poor gal would end up crying her eyes out at being woken up from some yummy sleep. These days, they are still at it but I don’t know if them stopping in front of my unit and taking a peek is more annoying and offensive than light-hearted.

Sometimes I’m awfully tempted to film these buggers and report them to the police for disturbing the peace BUT something always stops me…

What is the definition of “peace” in a country packed with people to the brim like Singapore? Where a car alarm is left blaring on and on for…lets see, it’s been an hour now and it’s still going on. Where fights, screams and shouts from both adults and children alike are tolerated or even excused in some places. What is even more surprising for me is that I don’t even recall KL being this noisy. Or maybe I’ve forgotten what it was like to stay in a big city.

I’ll be honest – I miss the tranquil, peaceful and average-moving pace of Neuchâtel. At least I didn’t have a neighbour who would be revving his car engine for a good five minutes around midnight and then again at around 5am plus every day. Weekends are worse. People are just more considerate of others there…or maybe that’s just how things are where I’m staying. Yup, it’s my luck – I’ve moved to a place where people are noise-challenged.


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Down with the buggies.

"Finally, some living colour!"

This weekend has been somewhat dreary with the appearance of the dreaded flu buggies! Try crocheting order after order and attempting to sew a straight line with a mild headache, low-grade fever, stuffed nose & ears while trying awfully hard not to sneeze the house down and pass your buggies to a little one. Plus it’s been oh-so-long since I last came down with a bug; I have somewhat forgotten what it felt like to have a stuffy nose and ears. =.=

On top of that, I’m not taking any medication for these since I’m still breastfeeding and have opted for the old-fashioned treatment involving huge doses of water and plenty of fruits namely mangosteen, my new favourite fruit; guava, watermelon and mandarins.

Add that with the heat and lack of rain for four days in a row and well, I’m really dying here! Bleck.

The only saving grace came in the form of some lovely sunnies (and a bonnet) on Eva! Utterly cute and very funny (at least that’s how I saw her – I couldn’t stop laughing from the time we left the apartment till we reached the store nearby!). 😀

What a weekend really…

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Picking up the pieces again…

Picking up the pieces again!

…well, almost.

Just earlier this morning, I decided that it was time to dust off those WIPs in hibernation and put my knitting needles to good use. Nil had remarked that I switch hobbies far too often and bemoaned the status of my non-moving yarn which we paid to move here together with all our stuff. Heh. Okay okay, I get the drift. I need to kick myself in knitting again.

So I took a look at my Rav project page and decided on what WIPs to bring out of hibernation and such. One the list was my Ivy wrap which has been on hibernation for a longgggg time. I managed to make some headway with it towards the end of my pregnancy but alas, fell short of the finish line. So this time, I was determined to finish it by hook or crook.

Now, I was about to start working on my Ivy wrap when a rather large-ish order for crochet booties came in. So once again, it’s KIV…for now. I’m hoping to be able to work in a few rows in the evenings. The plan is to work on the shop items (booties and sewing) while Eva takes her afternoon naps and reserve my evenings for time with Nil and doing my other hobbies like knitting, spinning and sewing up non-shop items like my quilts. Hopefully this plan works out…

*keeps fingers crossed*

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Tummy transplant needed.

I’m not kidding.

It’s either I drown myself in probiotics OR I get a darn new tummy. =.=

Now, having tummy issues is already a pain when you don’t have a baby to take care or breastfeeding BUT getting one while breastfeeding, especially night feeds? ARGH!

It definitely puts a damper to all my plans, especially those that involve the store – no sewing for today and definitely no planning for new products and patterns either! What a bummer considering that I was hoping to make it in time for the crazy Christmas gifting period.

Speaking of which, any ideas what gifts should I get for my in-laws? Tried checking out “gifts for her” at a number of places but I’m stumped for ideas. Hm. Maybe I should stick to Body Shop butters and the like…but I dunno, it gets boring gifting the same thing year in and year out. =.=

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December already?

"It'd be nice if you not point that at me while I play, y'know."

Honest to gosh, where did all that time went to?

Sometimes I swear the perils of being a SAHM is that you lose track of time oh-so-quickly – at least that’s so in my case as each day passes me in similar fashion, and I’m left wondering where it all went to at the end of the month/year and what did I do along the way.

Steel fixings, metal buildings, pimple medication and many thoughts on strange things later, I’m still wondering although I have a fairly good idea where a good portion of the year went to – baking the bun which resulted in Ms Cutey-Chubbylicious-Honey in the pic you see above.

Still…I can’t believe that it’s already December; Christmas is looming ahead…and next is New Year. OMIGOD, before I know it, Chinese New Year will be around the corner!


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Yoga yoga yoga…

I went for my first yoga class in…like, three years, I think and I am glad I signed up for the course. My muscles aren’t really want they used to be, but thank goodness I’m still flexible enough to touch my toes and press my palms against the floor. If not, I would have given myself a kick for being ultra out of shape.

After the class, I took a short walk home albeit some sore muscles, a sign that I’ve done enough for the day. A shower later plus a smallish bowl of passionfruit low fat yoghurt later, I sigh with pleasure, happy that my super Cyber Monday closed off just nicely (I had spent the day pampering Eva and working on a shoe pattern – didn’t quite liked how it turned out so it’ll be for Eva instead. LOL!).

Now I’m really tempted to sign up for another yoga course – once a week just doesn’t feel enough. Hahaha.

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