First day back in KL

…and Nil fired the Immigration officer at LCCT for taking his sweet time processing passengers. Really, does it take over 30 minutes to process 10 passengers?

I had my first bowl of pork ball noodles dry style in 21 months and went (window) shopping for baby stuff at Babyland SS2. Walked away with some Heinz Baby Rice cereal – no to Nestle because of its gluten, sugar, dairy and soy content in its rice cereals (WTH) – and a portable booster seat for her future dining needs.

Dad gave me a heads-up on a sale on mobile phones going on nearby but nah, I have no need for such things plus I don’t have the moolah for even a refurbished laptop, let alone a new mobile. Was pleasantly surprised to discover that my Motorola phone is still alive and working!

In the meantime, the weather is crazy hot so excuse me while I go down some water and chow down on some yummy mushroom with sea cucumber and (yes) chicken legs!

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