It’ll be my first trip back to Malaysia in nearly 2 years. Yes, am heading back to KL with Nil and Eva in tow later night by plane. Parents have a mini-gathering planned over the weekend for around 50 people (and I thought 10 was already quite large for a mini-gathering) and I hope Eva will take to her new environment well not to mention the trip. Well, I’m not all that fuss about her, honestly…

…just dreading the possibility of people bugging me about my personal choices in life like how I am not planning on working until next year, about when I’m going to have my 2nd child and more importantly, about my postpartum weight (funny how people love to comment about your weight but offer precious little advice other than to take JUNK like fat burner pills). Yeah, yeah, so I still have that postpartum weight on me but I’m losing it albeit slowly. I’m really hoping that the yoga which starts next Monday will help plus I’m looking forward to getting in some much needed exercise other than walk every day.

So yeah, hopefully this weekend will go smoothly and do pray that I don’t lose my cool and just walk off – or maybe I should. HAHAHAHA.

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  1. You’ll do fine. Your friends will be there to make sure you’re ok.

    Can’t wait to see you again! And Eva for the first time!

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