Cooking is slow these days…

Cucumber & beef salad - Thai style

I hate to say it but I no longer am really bothered about showcasing what I cook. It’s not because I don’t cook; it’s just because I’m not really cooking per se. I know, it sounds weird but bear with me as I explain the whole story to you.

In Switzerland, cooking was something I do from scratch – blend chillis with spices and herbs, and so forth. There aren’t any premixes available except for things like pasta and Mexican food which you don’t really see me featuring UNLESS I’ve made it from scratch. It is easier as well to cook when you don’t have to worry about waking up your baby – I suspect in Switzerland, things would have been easier because Eva would be snoozing away in the room while I can work in the kitchen with the door close.

But not here in Singapore. Because her room faces the morning/early afternoon sun, she doesn’t like to nap there and thus, she takes her afternoon naps in front of the TV as a matter of speaking, that is – it’s turned off ALL the time, in case you’re wondering. And with the kitchen just a few steps away and no door, blending ingredients and so forth is sort of risky as she may end up stirring and if she’s in a foul mood, cry the whole apartment down.

So poor me has resorted to using premixes (*sigh*) and cooking simple every day fare that are really, honestly, uninteresting (because they are oh-so-easy and well, don’t involve much noise or work per se). On the days I do get to cook something “spectacular”, my camera battery always dies on me and the charging stations never seem to work properly these days. Annoying, really. Anyway, to me, cooking using premixes isn’t really cooking, and so I can’t really say 100% that I made these. Besides, how could anyone find things like stir fry veg or steamed egg with mince pork to be interesting? Thus, my food category has slowly been snoozing away…

Above is some kuey teow noodle soup that I made from scratch on the weekend and some cucumber & beef salad (Thai style) I cooked up during the week because we didn’t want anything super heavy or greasy. I should have gotten better beef as the beef I used was still a little on the tough side for me and my wisdom tooth is still giving me issues (anyone know where I can get great dental discounts in Singapore or should I just go back to M’sia?) but otherwise, both dishes turned out just nice. Still, I miss cooking like I did in Switzerland…

Note to self – definitely need to get an oven. Hai.

Kuey teow noodle soup

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