What am I doing up at 6am and online?

Well, blame that on a missed alarm (ARGH – need to find a better alarm “clock” as I sometimes miss my early morning feeds), followed by a pumping session because she was just too full to take more milk. By the time I was done, I just couldn’t sleep anymore. To add to that, my stomach was growling like there was no tomorrow and I was obsessed with finding the heel portion of the shoes I was sewing up. It turns out that the heel portion was already attached to the tops – talk about morning zombieness! How do people on graveyard shifts (eg, call centers and what-not) actually cope with the hours? Must be nuts!

So here I am, online and blogging randomly about a life that involves a baby and zombie-ness. C’est ma vie!

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  1. Hehehe not that difficult really, i used to do graveyard shifts in Maybank 🙂 , we bring our laptops and put movies on… in between we take turns to sleep :p

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