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I’ve always been a recycling bunny although of lately, I must admit that I’ve been slipping up. I do try to be good and so no to extra plastic bags whenever I buy groceries without my shopping trolley (but people will still shove it in a bag in fear of cross-contamination). But y’know, plastic bags are the least of my concerns since they double as garbage bags as well. Hah.

It’s the bigger stuff like shipping boxes, cartons and cardboard that frazzles me out. While I can easily dispose of paper in the recycling bin, the last thing I want to do is litter the walkway and area around the bin with cartons, boxes and cardboards. We already have all the boxes we’ll ever need in case we move again (*touchwood*) so yeah…any tips on how to get rid of these boxy babies without being a litterbug?

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  1. We just recently moved and had all these boxes left which we could have shoved into the recycling bin (after collapsing them) but it felt like such a waste particulalry because it took quite a bit of effort in having to find them in the first place.

    There is a list that we subscribe to. So i just listed our Moving/Packing boxes on the list and they were picked up the very next day by a fellow recycler who was in the process of relocating. Would that be an option for you in Singapore?

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