It’s the end of the year…

…or at least it’s coming soon.

Looking back, time really flies by o-so-quickly. I sometimes can hardly believe that Eva will be turning 4 months old tomorrow! And I get reminders of it all the time. Shopping malls are decked with Christmas decorations, friends talking about putting up holiday trees, more shopping for gifts to be done, Christmas party invitations to send out OR receive, the list just never ends…

And here at home, it’s like time is going by without a rush – at least that’s how it feels if I don’t look at the clock. I start my mornings with breakfast with Nil before he leaves for work while Eva either snoozes in her crib or plays by herself. Then after Nil has left, it’s some housechores, email and surfing not to mention updating my blogs, checking up on the store and Eva? She’s still playing although by 8am plus, she’d have gone into one of her short naps for the day. After her 9am feed, I let her play in the bouncer or I’ll read to her and then we’ll head on out to run errands or grocery shopping or to buy some lunch. Lunch time is just before noon while she naps again and then it’s her bath time, feed and this is when the mad mayhem really slows down.

She takes her afternoon naps and boy o boy, sometimes I wish time would just stand still when I see her sleep. It’s utterly peaceful and calming. Looking at her now, I really don’t want her to grow up but then again, that would be such a crime. Of course we’re up again for another feed at 3pm and then she knocks out for another nap at around 5pm ish after playing in her swing – yes, she does sleep a lot, doesn’t she? For her, life is all about playing, eating and sleeping…how relaxing. 🙂

I guess you could say that while time goes by ultra fast for me, it’s just beginning for my little one.

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