The little reminders…

Pouty time!

How can you not love this face????

Every day, I get little reminders about my big decision to become a SAHM. It’s not easy, especially when I go online to pay bills or am at the ATM to withdraw some cash, and I see my bank account looking a little sad. It makes me really tempted to go back to work…

Then I take a look at the cutie pie snoozing away on my couch and I instantly change my mind. It never fails, really.

When I’m reminded of how she grabbed onto her stroller toy rings and try to shove her thumb into her mouth while still holding onto the rings (or maybe she was trying to taste the rings) only to semi-scream in frustration while wondering why mum is laughing her head off, I tell myself that the money isn’t all that important. Missing out on her milestones would be an even bigger crime than not working at the moment.

Without a doubt, that sad looking bank account can wait a little longer. Just need to tighten up the purse strings and well, be more creative when it comes to looking for that extra income (I do wonder if writing about acne treatment reviews would help).

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  1. She’s adorable, Mabel, i’d do anything to spend my day looking at someone so pretty. I think our generation is luckier in that we have more options (but sometimes more options can make life confusing!).
    I’m sure you will find the right decision for you, and i’m sure you can find something to supplement your account if you wanted to, as you re really creative and resourceful! Take care!

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