Never been quite this busy.

Coming soon!

So what’s in store for the unveil? Hopefully the pic above will be tantalizing enough…

I have been busy but never quite this crazy busy, trying to rush out items for the store while making sure that I get enough rest. It has even gotten to the point where I have smallish pimples popping up on my forehead (best acne treatment, anyone?) and of all places, my thighs – well, they aren’t pimples…just red bumps that are filled with funny stuff when I press them. But enough of the gross stuff.

In my quest to have a lovely unveil for the new storefront, I had initially decided to sew up two types of baby items and crochet booties. One week later, I’ve only done four pairs of booties and about a dozen baby items. Not a lot, if you ask me. It doesn’t help that I’m constantly distracted with new items of what to feature for the store, shopping for materials for supposed new items and well, just wanting to be lazy! Ah, the perils of running a store! I definitely need to focus, focus, focus!!!

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